Oceans was founded because an influx of money has led to an overwhelming level of pressure and expectations for founders. This has created challenges to establish companies that are culturally diverse, have strong strategic and capital allocation plans, and are prepared to tackle people and operational challenges at the ground level. This often leads to startups exhausting cash without addressing key product or business model issues, curtailing growth or resulting in the need for new capital or a wind down.

Associated with the influx of capital, incubators, accelerators, studios and consultants have grown as part of the ecosystem, but they don’t necessarily address the full growth cycle. Entrepreneurs still need continued access to experienced, long-term builders who understand both success and failure in order to establish companies that are built to last. These issues are prevalent across startup communities, but there is a significant need for it in NYC. Founders need straightforward guidance to address real problems that don’t always get raised in the boardroom.