Recruiting efforts aren’t enough to build a great team

by Glenn Handler

Most organizations would put recruiting at the top of their priority lists. But it is interesting to me how few of them seem focused on retaining the team they recruit. Emphasizing recruiting without also investing in retention seems to me a bit like pouring water (or vodka) into a glass with a giant hole in the bottom.

I have spent more than a decade of my career at two companies with great retention track records, Google and Facebook. Through these experiences, I’ve learned the talent war is very real. You can count on every one of your employees fielding phone calls from hundreds of recruiters who are trying to lure them to greener pastures. You can’t prevent their phones from ringing—but you can help make it more likely that those employees have no interest in what recruiters are selling. Here are some things you can do to make your company a “poach-free” zone. Read More…