Tech Veterans Launch Mentorship Engine Oceans

A team of tech veterans who were all major builders of Facebook, Google, Apple, and Foursquare, are launching Oceans.

Led by Steven Rosenblatt, Glenn Handler, and Joshua Rahn, Oceans is a mentorship engine that will act as a partner to founders, supporting them in their scaling and problem solving efforts with a focus on business strategy, finances, and hiring practices. The fir

Prior to Oceans, Steven Rosenblatt was President of Foursquare where he was responsible for transitioning Foursquare from a consumer-facing location platform into an enterprise business, building a multi-product strategy, and growing revenue by more than 70x.
Before joining Foursquare, Rosenblatt served as Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales at Quattro Wireless until it was acquired by Apple in January 2010. He then launched iAd, Apple’s advertising platform for brands and developers, where he managed sales, agency relations, and the creative and strategy team. Rosenblatt led the opening of Apple’s New York office and worked closely with leadership teams to build a presence in New York. Read More