Facebook, Foursquare alums help founders spend their millions

Kate Clark April 30, 2018

In the startup world, money is not a scarce object. Just look at WeWork—if you can find it underneath the heaps of cash it's raised from venture capitalists. 

What is scarce? Successful entrepreneurs willing and able to advise the next generation of founders. FormerFoursquare president Steven Rosenblatt and two former Facebook executives, Joshua Rahn and Glenn Handler, have launched a mentorship engine called Oceans to offer that expertise to founders and fill the gap they say exists between startups and venture capital firms. 

"The fact that we have built and are builders and love building, those are the skills that are scarce," Rosenblatt told PitchBook. "VCs want their founders surrounded by people who have been there are done that. What we are, first and foremost, is the founder's most trusted partner. We work for the founders, but, by doing so, [for] VCs and investors. We've had so many conversations where they need a team like we've built to go in and really mentor founders."  Read more...